About Us

Here at Q Interiors, we are proud of what makes us different. We want our relationship with our clients to be enjoyable from the start and we invest the time and effort to ensure that every detail of every project is to our clients' satisfaction. In order to offer a comprehensive design service, we dedicate one of our senior designers to lead each project. Designs are presented to clients in computer-generated CAD format giving a practical vision of how they will impact spatial planning, take responsibility for agreeing the scope, budget and brief for any project we undertake. 

We are constantly looking to improve and update our creations by globally searching for the latest trends, designs and products. We attend national and international conferences and exhibitions in order to keep abreast of the latest design trends and developments.

All our soft furnishings are manufactured "in house" within close proximity of our design team who constantly liaise with the workroom in order to ensure a smooth and efficient process.  Our soft furnishing facility creates high quality bespoke made to measure curtains, pelmets, blinds and headboards together with luxurious throws and sumptuous cushions using the best fabrics and materials. Our craftsmen produce innovative items some of which are illustrated in our projects section and which are designed to deliver a unique finish to any room. We pride ourselves in our use of colour and texture, complemented by accessories that we carefully select in order to innovate and impress. 

Once a scheme has been agreed and approved our designers work to ensure a smooth and trouble-free installation. All the required fixtures and fittings typically arrive with the installation team who are on hand to complete the installation and create the final staging and dressing.

At Q we pride ourselves on having a dedicated team of professionals who share the company's quality ethic and who have worked with us for many years. They work throughout the UK in order to deliver the high quality service for which we are renowned.  

Our clients admire our work. We want them to be excited and proud to own the outcome of any project. Their satisfaction is our prime concern. 

In summary, we are proud of our approach and ethos as evidenced by the client reviews which we are are delighted to include in this site. Our approach is to deliver functionality with finesse, and in doing so, produce exceptional results of the highest standard.