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Ascent Homes Q & A with Julie Watson

November 20 2019

Interior Design Q&A

We sat down with Julie Watson, who founded Q Interiors, to find out the answers to our top interior design questions!

Q: Why are you passionate about interior design? A: "I enjoy getting to know our clients so that we can create a space that is unique to them, and it is always so rewarding when they first see how the team and I have interpreted their brief. Even after more than 24 years in interior design, that feeling never gets old".

Q: Who do you admire in the industry? A: "I have always admired Kelly Hoppen and everything she has achieved. She has worked with some very diverse clients but you can still see her signature style interacting with their individual needs so the finished result always looks stunning".

Q: What do customers/friends/suppliers frequently ask you? A: "My friends regularly ask me for interiors advice, and they want to know what’s “on trend” whereas my clients are curious to know what my house is like and ask me if I get bored with it easily. However, I always think about longevity when I am designing any room, so apart from refreshing the odd accent here or there, I rarely want to transform things".

Q: How did you learn what you know now? A: "I’ve learned everything through experience. Q Interiors has been in business for nearly 25 years – it’ll be our big 25-year anniversary in 2020 – and the range of clients we have worked with has allowed us to keep pushing our boundaries".

Q: What would be your 3 top tips for someone on a budget? A: "Plan ahead and don’t start to buy items until you have thought about every aspect of the job you’re taking on. If you consider how every element will flow together first you will avoid making any expensive mistakes further down the line. Be careful when following trends – some items can date very quickly. Also, make sure you allocate enough of your budget towards soft furnishings because they can make all the difference in a room".

Q: What trends are in right now? A: "Gold and exuberant accessories and furnishings are very popular at the moment. However, I always encourage clients not to focus too heavily on what’s “in” and to think about their own style, the purpose of their space, and their budget. It’s all about creating a space that won’t date quickly".

Q: Where do you get your ideas/inspiration for new designs? A: "Every brief is different, which is one of the main reasons why I am so passionate about design, so there’s always something new that inspires me for every project. Once I receive a brief, it could be anything from a roll of wallpaper to a piece of furniture, or even a work of art that influences the rest of the design".

Q: Walk us through the design process, where do you start on a new project? A: "We will sit down with the client to get to know who they are, what they need, and what they like – it’s amazing what you can find out about a person’s tastes from that initial meeting. Once we’ve built that relationship, it’s our job to create a scheme based on their requirements, with a colour palette, samples of fabric and textures, furniture, and accent pieces that will work within the space. When the client is happy with the scheme, we get to work and make that idea come to life".


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