Show Homes

At Q Interiors we believe that an effective show home highlights the key features and characteristics of any property in such a manner as to maximise its sales potential. This necessitates the balanced use of colour, detail and glamour to impress and excite thereby inspiring potential purchasers to focus on the potential of the property. The experience of our team means that we have a thorough appreciation of the importance of creatively showcasing aspirational homes, thereby maximising sales performance. 

The show home design process typically starts with a discussion of the clients brief including the perceived styles that would appeal to the local consumer market. At this stage, we would focus on an exchange of ideas, scope and budget. Once these items have been agreed we would present a series of designs which would cover all aspects including layouts, themes and colours for client approval and sign off. Our service also includes the preparation of detailed and populated CAD plans in order to keep our clients fully informed of spatial planning. In short, we provide a complete project management service to our customers. Our objective is to eliminate their stress by providing the assurance that we have everything under control from the very first design meeting to the final install.

Our clients are assigned one of our senior designers at the onset of the process who will oversee the project from inception to completion. This ensures continuity and quality assurance throughout.